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small stories about people


Short stories about people; Filmmaking - short form video - documentary - dramatisations. For your business or family - whatever the style or format, made with the individual story at its heart.

High quality affordable videos in a documentary style, both observational or scripted. Make a video to advertise your business and services, or as a way to preserve your memories of a certain time, place or person.


Script to Screen

I can deliver the entire production schedule from script to screen. While you are the expert in your field, together we can turn any of your stories, ideas, products or services into an engaging promotional video.

Make it Easy

Don't worry if you have never made a video before. I will lead you through the process so you will receive maximum return for minimum effort. While I put in the hard work you relax and wait for the final delivery.

Artistic and Creative

I will match the artistry in your business and the creativity in your story telling and together we can deliver a production that will engage a wide audience for a long time to come.

Ideas of Scale

Whether you have a minimal idea that you want to make into a big production or a big idea that just needs minimal promotion, I have the ability to realise them, either way.

Studio and Equipment

Top quality equipment that is used in television and film productions is available for you. The quality of the production is not compromised no matter what the cost.

Delivery Format

Whatever your final output requirements are, there is no delivery format that can't be achieved, up to the highest possible quality. Broadcast, Cinema, Web, DVD, Blu-ray or any other device, I can make it happen.


Here is a selection of some of my more recent videos. They show a range of styles and budgets.


microfilm is fronted by myself, Chris Barnett, together with other talented individuals we make up a fantastic filmmaking team.



I am an individual filmmaker working with a pool of talented freelancers who help with various roles. As a team we are filmmakers and story tellers, creating stories from the heart that really grab the attention of your viewers.

"Chris is a talented and friendly individual with expertise in documentary style filmmaking; community video, public sector video (Councils, NHS trust etc) and charities. Documentary style filmmaking requires a connection with both the subject matter and importantly the clients and contributors, Chris's approachable, friendly, yet professional manner is ideal for this kind of work."


From script to screen, microfilm offer the full service and have delivered on time and to budget over 150 productions and growing..

micro-film offer an end to end solution from script development to final output, with the creativity and technical ability to deliver. I specifically deliver short form videos from 30 seconds to 30 minutes whose content is principally designed to advertise our clients goods and services, and create memories for families.

My current speciality is making 1-3 minute films promoting small business and creating 'memory' films for families who may want to tell the story of a loved one to create a memory that will literally last forever.

What can microfilm do for you?

I am, fundamentally, a filmmaker and story teller. It is my belief that stories from the heart really grab the attention of your viewers. The story of the hard work and development of your business or the story of your family, and the depth of your connection to your work and loved ones, is your best asset. If everyone could see and feel how much your they mean to you, everyone would want to be part of it, and buy into it. And what better way to be able to show this than to put it into a short-form video, this is what I aim to put on the screen for you.

If you would like to make a short video about your business, yourself, or your family, then we can help you realise it. Either by teaching you the skills to do it yourself or by using our expertise to craft a video that suits your form and function perfectly.

I have many solutions and options for delivering low cost, high quality videos. Depending on your needs I can deliver a wide range of products at a realistic price.

We guarantee you will be surprised by the low cost options. Whatever your budget is there may be something we can do. From £250 to £25000 - give us a call and we can discuss the options.

If you've never thought about having a video before or if you have always wanted to have one, now is the time to act. The cost of filmmaking has never been so affordable, and for a small company like microfilm it is easy for me to offer you a bespoke, personal service that fits your needs precisely both in terms of the production and the cost.

Please contact me to chat about what you would like to achieve.

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